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Empowering Renewable Energy Projects with ISC Future Finance

At ISC Future Finance, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to invest in renewable energy solutions. As the finance supplier for ENER-G, we offer exclusive financing options tailored to support projects through our specialised finance and brokerage solutions.

Rachel, ISC’s Director, brings nearly 30 years of extensive finance experience to the table. With a background in commercial banking and over 5 years as a broker, Rachel has funded numerous projects, managing complex stage payments and conducting thorough appraisals and due diligence. Her business degree and various finance qualifications underscore her expertise in navigating diverse financial landscapes.

Despite her vast corporate clientele, Rachel remains committed to offering personalised service and understanding clients’ unique risk appetites and technological needs. She has successfully financed over 20MW of ground source heat pumps and numerous solar projects, demonstrating her proficiency in renewable energy financing.

At ISC, we prioritise quick and efficient financing solutions without the need for charges over buildings or land, as long as the project’s justification and return on investment are clear. Rachel builds strong relationships with clients and suppliers alike, ensuring smooth transactions and ongoing support.

Making Informed Financial Decisions with ISC Future Finance

We understand the importance of making informed financial decisions when investing in renewable energy projects. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Finance Calculator Tool to help you examine the costings of your projects. Our calculator allows you to explore different financing options and estimate the financial impact of your investment.

Whether you’re considering solar PV systems, ground-source or air-source heat pumps, or battery storage, ISC Future Finance is here to help you find the right financing solution for your needs.

Learn more about ISC Future Finance’s comprehensive financing solutions by visiting our dedicated page.

Improving Farm Productivity Grant

What the grant can pay for

If you’re eligible, you can get a grant to pay for capital items for a project to help you to improve farm productivity through:

  • improving efficiency and effectiveness of primary agricultural or horticultural production
  • reducing your farm’s environmental impact resulting in a positive contribution to net zero and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction
  • introducing technical innovation to optimise livestock production and field operations
  • using automation in areas where access to labour is an issue

How much money you can apply for

The maximum and minimum grant you can apply for depends on your project(s).

Farm Productivity grants

If your application is for robotic or automatic equipment, wavelength specific LED lighting and/or advanced ventilation control units, but does not include solar PV equipment, the minimum grant you can apply for is £25,000 (40% of £62,500). The maximum grant is £500,000 per applicant business.

Solar grants

If your application is for solar PV equipment only, the minimum grant you can apply for is £15,000 (25% of £60,000). The maximum grant is £100,000 per applicant business.

If you want to apply for both a Solar grant and a Farm Productivity grant, you must submit 2 separate applications. The maximum grant across all submitted applications is £500,000 in total, per applicant business.

You need to be able to pay the remaining project costs. You can use loans, overdrafts, and certain other monies. For example, money received through the Basic Payment Scheme or agri-environment schemes such as the Countryside Stewardship scheme.

You cannot use other public money, such as grant funding from local authorities, towards the project costs. You also cannot use this grant to carry out capital works which you need to do as part of other agreements.

Read more on the UK Government website…

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